High Hopes Haven Charitable Trust
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High Hopes Haven  is a haven where abused and abandoned animals can come for recovery, rehabilitation in a secure, safe and loving environment  and the home of the Animal Assistant Therapy Program.

It is also an educational Centre, raising awareness on the wellness and care of animals to the public, through interactive school programs  and where those with past negative experiences can come and be introduced to the animals to overcome PTSD, stress, anxiety  and other conditions, through a goal orientated program. 

We give animals a second chance in life, by supplying services which include emergency medical care, medicine for chronic (such as parasites), quality food and nutritional supplements to rebuild health and overcome starvation syndromes. Holistic approach to behavioural issues, correcting problems and rehabilitating. Once recovered we rehome those that are suitable to forever loving homes, to start a new lease on life.

Those that show potential for the Animal Assistant Therapy program will be trained as permanent ambassadors and assistance animals for HHH.

High Hopes Haven Trust is a non-for profit organisation and is managed by a Board of Trustees. 
The running of the facility will be run by the Director/Founder of the facility, Heidi Möller with the assistance and guidance of the Board, made up of a total of 5 Trustees.
TRUSTEES: Heidi Möller, Dr Sean Barklie, Mr Conrad Möller, Mr John O’Brien and Mr Peter Brown.
​Registered Charity : #2648311

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Through the undying passion and commitment to the welfare of animals and the belief that all animals and people have a second chance in life,  we at High Hopes Haven are prepared to go out of our way to ensure success and positive outcomes. All staff and volunteers will have some form of qualifications in the field of Animal Husbandry or Mental Health and most importantly passion for what HHH is trying to achieve.